10h00Opening Session
Session I - Chair: Ricardo Queirós
10h30Learning Spaces for Knowledge Generation
10h45HandSpy: a system to manage experiments on cognitive processes in writing
11h10Interoperability in eLearning contexts. Interaction between LMS and PLE
11h25Coffee Break
12h00Keynote I - Josep Silva Galiana
Session II - Chair: Daniela da Cruz
14h30The Impact of Programming Languages in Code Cloning
14h55Generating flex lexical analyzers for Perl Parse::Yapp
15h20PH-Helper--a Syntax-Directed Editor for Hoshimi Programming Language, HL
15h45Enhancing Coherency of Specification Documents From Automotive Industry
16h00Coffee Break
Session III - Chair: José João Almeida
16h30On Extending a Linear Tabling Framework to Support Batched Scheduling
16h55A Purely Functional Combinator Language for Process Management
17h20Mode-Directed Tabling and Applications in the YapTab System
17h45Automatic Test Generation for Space
20h00Social Event - Dinner

Note: all sessions and presentations will be held in Department of Informatics, room A2 (second floor).