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9h45Opening Session
10h00 Keynote I: The PICAT System (chair: Ricardo Rocha)
Neng-Fa Zhou
11h00Coffee Break
Session I: Software Development Tools (chair: Ivan Luković)
11h30Or-Parallel Prolog Execution on Clusters of Multicores
João Santos and Ricardo Rocha
11h50NESSy: a new evaluator for software development tools
Enrique Miranda, Mario Berón, German Montejano, Maria Pereira and Pedro Rangel Henriques
12h10Supporting Separate Compilation in a Defunctionalizing Compiler
Georgios Fourtounis and Nikolaos Papaspyrou
12h30Towards Automated Program Abstraction and Language Enrichment
Sergej Chodarev, Emilia Pietrikova and Jan Kollar
Session II: XML and Applications (chair: Nuno Oliveira)
14h30Publishing Linked Data with DaPress
Teresa Costa and José Paulo Leal
14h50Seqins - A Sequencing Tool for Educational Resources
Ricardo Queirós, José Paulo Leal and José Campos
15h10XML to Annotations Mapping Patterns
Milan Nosáľ and Jaroslav Porubän
15h30Retreading Dictionaries for the 21st Century
Xavier Gómez Guinovart and Alberto Simões
16h00Coffee Break
Session III: Learning Environment Languages (chair: Ján Kollár)
16h30A Flexible Dynamic System for Automatic Grading of Programming Exercises
Daniela Fonte, Daniela Da Cruz, Alda Lopes Gançarski and Pedro Rangel Henriques
16h50CodeSkelGen - A Program Skeleton Generator
Ricardo Queirós
17h10Choosing grammars to support language processing courses
Nuno Oliveira, Maria João Varanda Pereira, Daniela Da Cruz and Pedro Rangel Henriques

Dinner: dinner will be served at Café Ceuta, in the center of Oporto, at 20h00. You can check details about the place in Facebook or on their webpage.

If you bring your car to the conference, let the organizers know, so we can organize the transportation for all those that will not have a car. Thank you.