1st and 2nd July, 2021
Escola Superior de Media Artes
e Design
Instituto Politécnico
do Porto, Portugal
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Thursday, 1st July

  • All papers have 20 minutes for presentation, plus 5 minutes for Q&A;

Papers/Events Authors Tracks Duration Time
Welcome Session 00:10 09:30
Keynote I: Health Interoperability in Portugal Ricardo Correia 00:50 09:40
Break 00:10 10:30
Session I (Chair: José João Almeida)
Major Minors - Ontological representation of minorities by newspapers Paulo Martins, Leandro Costa and José Carlos Ramalho HHL 00:25 10:40
MUAHAH: Taking the Most out of Simple Conversational Agents Leonor Llansol, João Santos, Luis Duarte, José Santos, Gaspar Mariana, Ana Alves, Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira and Luísa Coheur HHL 00:25 11:05
NER in Archival Finding Aids Luis Filipe Costa Cunha and José Carlos Ramalho HHL 00:25 11:30
MeLeCo–PT: a medical package leaflet corpus for Portuguese Alberto Simões and Pablo Gamallo HHL 00:25 11:55
Lunch 02:10 12:20
Session II (Chair: Carlos Filipe Portela)
Derzis: a path aware linked data crawler André Santos and José Paulo Leal CCL 00:25 14:30
Programming Exercises Interoperability: The Case of a Non-Picky Consumer Ricardo Queirós, José Carlos Paiva and José Paulo Leal CCL 00:25 14:55
DataGen: JSON/XML/CSV Dataset Generator Filipa Santos, Hugo Cardoso, João Costa, Válter Carvalho and José Carlos Ramalho HCL 00:25 15:20
Intelligent Query Answering with Contextual Knowledge for Relational Databases Dietmar Seipel, Daniel Weidner and Salvador Abreu CCL 00:25 15:45
Mooshak's Diet Update: Introducing YAPExIL Format to Mooshak José Carlos Paiva, Ricardo Queirós and José Paulo Leal CCL 00:25 16:10
End of Day I 16:35