19th and 20th June, 2014
Auditório Alcínio Miguel,
Escola Superior de Tecnologia
e Gestão, Instituto Politécnico
de Bragança, Portugal
org@slate-conf.org IPB

Note: Full papers have 20 minutes for presentation, plus 5 minutes for Q&A. Short papers have 10 minutes for presentation, plus 5 minutes for Q&A.

9h45Opening Session
10h00 Keynote I: Language-driven software development
José-Luis Sierra
(chair: Pedro Rangel Henriques)
11h00Coffee Break
Session I: Domain Specific Languages (chair: José-Luis Sierra)
11h30ReCooPLa: a DSL for coordination-based reconfiguration of software architectures
Flávio Rodrigues, Nuno Oliveira and Luís S. Barbosa.
11h55A Workflow Description Language to Orchestrate Multi-Lingual Resources*
Rui Brito and José João Almeida.
12h10Converting Ontologies into DSLs*
João Fonseca, Pedro Rangel Henriques and Maria João Varanda Pereira.
12h25JSON on Mobile: is there an efficient parser?*
Ricardo Queirós.
12h40Unfuzzying Fuzzy Parsing*
Pedro Carvalho, Nuno Oliveira and Pedro Henriques.
Session II: NLP Tools and Resources (chair: Nuno Ramos Carvalho)
14h30Automatic Identification of Proverbs
Amanda Rassi, Jorge Baptista and Oto Vale.
14h55Language Identification: a Neuronal Network approach
Alberto Simões, José João Almeida and Simon Byers.
15h20LemPORT: a High-Accuracy Cross-Platform Lemmatizer for Portuguese*
Ricardo Rodrigues, Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira and Paulo Gomes.
15h35Expanding a Database of Portuguese Tweets*
Gaspar Brogueira, Fernando Batista, João Paulo Carvalho and Helena Moniz.
15h50MLT-prealigner: a tool for multilingual text alignment*
Pedro Carvalho and José João Almeida.
16h05Coffee Break
Session III: Program Comprehension (chair: Jan Janousek)
16h30Conclave: Writing Programs to Understand Programs
Nuno Ramos Carvalho, Joé João Almeida, Maria João Varanda Pereira and Pedro Rangel Henriques.
16h55Leveraging Program Comprehension with Concern-oriented Source Code Projections
Jaroslav Porubän and Milan Nosáľ.
17h20Comment-based concept location over system dependency graphs*
Nuno Pereira, Pedro Henriques and Maria João Varanda Pereira.

* short papers