27th and 28th June, 2019
Departamento de Matemática
Universidade de Coimbra

University of Coimbra


Center for Informatics and systems of the University of Coimbra


Program — Thursday, June 27

Papers/Events Authors Tracks Duration Time
Welcome Session 00:10 09:20
Keynote I: Ranking Programming Languages for their Energy Efficiency João Paulo Fernandes 00:50 09:30
Break 00:25 10:20
Session I (Chair: José João Almeida)
Acquiring Domain-Specific Knowledge for WordNet from a Terminological Database Alberto Simões and Xavier Gómez Guinovart HHL 00:30 10:45
Quantitative Analysis of Suffix Variability of Comparative Adjectives in Russian Timur Galeev and Vladimir Bochkarev HHL 00:15 11:15
Alexa, how can I reason with Prolog? Falco Nogatz, Julia Kübert, Dietmar Seipel and Salvador Abreu HHL 00:15 11:30
Using Lucene for Developing a Portuguese Question-Answering Agent Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira, Ricardo Filipe, Ricardo Rodrigues and Ana Alves HHL 00:30 11:45
Identifying Causal Relations in Legal Documents with Dependency Syntactic Analysis Pablo Gamallo, Patricia Martin-Rodilla and Beatriz Calderón HHL 00:15 12:15
Lunch 01:30 12:30
Session II (Chair: João Paulo Fernandes)
Definite Clause Grammars with Parse Trees: Extension for Prolog Falco Nogatz, Dietmar Seipel and Salvador Abreu HCL 00:30 14:00
Tracing Real Unit Testing Practices in Popular Github Android Projects Matej Madeja and Jaroslav Porubän HCL 00:30 14:30
Scaling Up a Programmers' Profile Tool Martinho Aragão, Maria João Varanda Pereira and Pedro Rangel Henriques HCL 00:15 15:00
Beyond Classical Parallel Programming Frameworks: Chapel vs Julia Rok Novosel and Boštjan Slivnik HCL 00:15 15:15
A Generic Debugging Framework for Multi-Agent System Modelling Languages Barış Tekin Tezel and Geylani Kardas HCL 00:30 15:30
Break 00:30 16:00
Tutorial: Text Summarization using Sequence to Sequence Modeling Pedro Verruma 00:45 16:30
Cultural Event 01:15 17:20
Dinner 03:00 20:00

  • Long papers have 20 minutes for presentation, plus 10 minutes for Q&A; short papers have 10 minutes for presentation, plus 5 minutes for Q&A.
  • Lunches will take place at Colégio de Jesus (R. Inácio Duarte 65, 3000-481 Coimbra).
  • Dinner will take place at Cantinho dos Reis (Terreiro da Erva 16, 3000-153 Coimbra).
  • The meeting point for the cultural event will be at Porta Férrea (R. de São Pedro 20, 3000-515 Coimbra).