1st and 2nd July, 2021
Escola Superior de Media Artes
e Design
Instituto Politécnico
do Porto, Portugal


HCL is a forum where researchers, developers, educators exchange ideas and information on the latest academic or industrial work on language design, processing, assessment and applications.

Track Chair

Maria João Pereira (Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Portugal)


Topics of interest in this area are:
  • Programming language concepts, methodologies and tools;
  • Language and Grammars, design, formal specification and quality;
  • Design of novel language constructs and their implementation;
  • Domain Specific Languages design and implementation;
  • Programming, refactoring and debugging environments;
  • Dynamic and static analysis: Program Slicing;
  • Program Comprehension;
  • Compilation and interpretation techniques;
  • Code generation and optimization;
  • Program visualization and animation;
  • Programming languages teaching methods;
  • Languages for modeling;
  • Dynamic languages;
  • Programmer profiling;
  • Cross-fertilization of different technological spaces (modelware, grammarware, ontologies, etc)

Scientific Committee

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