26th to 28th June, 2023
ESMAD, Politécnico do Porto

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26th June

  • All papers have 20 minutes for presentation, plus 5 minutes for Q&A;

Papers/Events Authors Time
Welcome Session 09:30
Session I (Chair: António Teixeira)
Web of Science Citation Gaps: An Automatic1 Approach to Detect Indexed but Missing Citations David Rodrigues, António Lopes and Fernando Batista 09:45
Querying Relational Databases with Speech-Recognition driven by Contextual Knowledge Dietmar Seipel, Benjamin Förster, Magnus Liebl, Marcel Waleska and Salvador Abreu 10:10
OCRticle - a structure-aware OCR application Sofia Santos and José João Almeida 11:35
Coffee Break 11:00
Session II (Chair: Mário Pinto)
Romaria de Nª Srª d'Agonia: Building a Digital Repository and a Virtual Museum Sara Cristina Freitas Queirós Queirós, Cristiana Esteves Araujo and Pedro Manuel Rangel Henriques 11:20
Towards a universal and interoperable scientific data model João Oliveira, Diogo Gomes, Francisca Santana and Filipe Portela 11:45
Integrating Gamified Educational Escape Rooms in Learning Management Systems Ricardo Queirós, Carla Pinto, Mário Cruz and Daniela Mascarenhas 12:10
Lunch 12:35
Session III (Chair: Ricardo Queirós)
Narrative Extraction from Semantic Graphs Daniil Lystopadskyi, André Santos and José Paulo Leal 14:30
A Framework for Fostering Easier Access to Enriched Textual Information Gabriel Silva, Mário Rodrigues, António Teixeira and Marlene Amorim 14:55
Automatic Speech Recognition of Non-Native Child Speech for Language Learning Applications Simone Wills, Yu Bai, Cristian Tejedor García, Catia Cucchiarini and Helmer Strik 15:20
Free Break 15:45
Keynote (Chair: Alberto Simões)
From similarity to paraphrase detection: Some NLP techniques Gerardo Sierra 16:00